Kelly McDonald Dan St Paul Tim Bedore Milt Abel
53 National TV Appearances, 462 Parent-Teacher conferences, and 3,096 trips to Costco!
Their constant obsession with the events of everyday life makes them both hilarious entertainers and unemployable in any other field. Whatever happened to the comedians who were smart? Who were clean? Whose material wouldn't embarrass you if you brought your kids and their grandparents to a comedy club? Well, they got married, had their own kids, and now  they desperately need to get
of the house! Rated PG-13 (good dads don't use bad words) 4 stand-up dads examine the grist of suburban life: from changing diapers to windshield wipers, from sibling brawls to outlet malls, from an all-you-can-eat buffet to pre-school graduation day.

Caution: Material may be unsuited for those tattooed or pierced.


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