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Milt Abel

Born on New Year’s Day in the nation’s capital with a last name that begins with the letter A, Milt has always been at the front of one line or another. Before he was one-year-old Milt’s family moved west in a covered station wagon. Despite living his entire life in California he has yet to refer to anyone as ‘dude’.

A headlining stand-up comedian for over fifteen years, Milt has performed throughout the United States and Canada in venues ranging from corporate engagements to cruise ships, from national television shows to college campuses.

Milt now lives in a small town outside Portland, Oregon with his wife Janey and three kids Kelsey, Noah, and Ellery. They have a next door neighbor with a rooster that ‘Apparently is blind. This bird has no idea when the sun rises, but takes shots at it all night long.”

With almost a dozen television appearances, including “An Evening at the Improv”, Showtime, and PBS, not to mention several television commercials, Milt is an active member of both professional acting unions, S.A.G. and A.F.T.R.A. He has also recently published a book of humorous short stories, “Stories from the Delux.”

Observational, anecdotal, never divisive or derisive, a good portion of Milt’s material comes from stories and observations about my wife and kids. “I have a wonderful marriage and family life but it doesn’t sound exactly like that in my show. There’s no humor in ‘we all loved each other today and we were happy, happy, happy.’

Tim Bedore

Over the past 20 years Tim Bedore has spent thousands of hours entertaining audiences, first on the radio and then as a comedian, headlining comedy clubs across the country. One of the few young comics to have combined the disciplines of stand-up comedy and broadcasting, Tim knows the rigors of working within demanding parameters. This broadcasting experience and a pleasant, Midwestern demeanor gives Tim the ability to entertain people with a wide range of tastes and sensibilities.

Tim has kept his hand in the radio business through his radio commentary feature Vague But True, which is heard regularly on public radio’s prestigious, Peabody award-winning Marketplace program by over six million people. Tim has written and recorded over two hundred-fifty installments of Vague But True. Producing these commentaries for the radio keeps Tim's stand-up comedy material fresh and topical. A book version of Vague But True is in the works.

Tim Bedore is a stand-up comedian whose unique background has produced a very professional entertainer. He has mastered the art of cutting across the boundaries of individual attitudes and getting an audience to enjoy his way of looking at the world.

Tim’s TV credits include Comedy Central’s “Short Attention Span Theatre”, “Two Drink Minimum”, “Women Aloud”, and “Stand Up/Stand Up”, NBC’s “Friday Night”, “Comic Strip Live” on FOX, Showtime’s “On the Road” and A&E’s “Caroline's Comedy Hour” and “An Evening at the Improv”.

Tim lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen and his daughter Claire.

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald is a performer who personifies "classy" humor. In a business filled with "shock comics" who rely on material of questionable taste, Kelly is a refreshing exception. He proves it's possible to create humor without taking cheap shots for easy laughs.

A self-confessed "nice boy from a good home", McDonald hails from Genesee, a small town (or as Kelly's Dad describes it, a "sleepy little burg") in the farmlands of Western New York State. In 1970, he left home to study at New York State University, Cortland. Following graduation, he moved to Las Vegas. Here, in America's entertainment and convention capital, he began his career as a humorist.

As his reputation grew, television beckoned and Kelly headed for Los Angeles. A guest shot on "The Merv Griffin Show" led to a booking with Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show".  Soon after, he began making regular appearances with Johnny's successor, Jay Leno.

Kelly's in-concert credits include performances with musical acts Jerry Lee Lewis and Steve Winwood. He's also appeared with a host of comedy's greatest, from Steve Allen to Jerry Seinfeld. 

Due to the extraordinarily non-offensive nature of his show, Kelly is a top choice among convention planners. Companies who have employed his talents include FORD, GTE, DIAL, FED EX and BANK OF AMERICA.

Kelly lives in Las Vegas with his wife Ann and his two sons, Cody and Spencer.

Dan St. Paul

Born and raised in San Francisco, the food and comedy capital of the world, Dan grew up in a full-blooded Italian family. His father, Joe, was well known to The City's Epicureans as one of the best fine-dining waiters on the west coast. His grandfather was a chef. His brother is a cook. Everybody in the St. Paul family is in the restaurant business except Dan. It's not that he's the black sheep or anything. It's just that he felt as a proud and patriotic San Franciscan, he should do his civic duty and move into comedy to balance out the family tree a bit.

After a seven-year stint of headlining S.F. clubs in the comedy duo Murphy-St.Paul, Dan launched out on his own with a solo act that was to land him in the finals of the nation's toughest comedy contest, The San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition.

Soon after, Dan moved to Los Angeles and appeared on several episodes of A&E’s "An Evening at the Improv", VH-1, MTV, and FOX "Comic Strip Live". Since then, he has opened for such superstars as Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, and Vince Gill. He appeared in the movie "Flubber" with Robin Williamsand is also the star of his own one-man play, "Outer Mission, Middle Class – the Diary of an Immigrant’s Son".

Armed with a Bachelors Degree in Italian from UC Berkeley, a teaching credential from San Francisco State, and a Masters Degree in special education, the majority of Dan's material comes from being a husband to his wife, Cara and father to his son, Roy.

Dan is a favorite with corporate clients including Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, IBM, Intel, Nations Bank, Philips Magnavox, Chevron, Blue Cross, and many, many more. He customizes his material for each client and event.